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Benevolent Sexism – A blog in Scientific American—“The Problem When Sexism Just sounds so Darn Friendly” is the inspiration for the May Hot Topics get together. Sexism, like racism, is a form of prejudice but it’s not always “sticks and stones”–it’s not always hostile. Sometimes it feels good—complements on womanly virtues, admiration for masculine talents. What is B.S exactly? How is it different from hostile sexism? Is it sexism at all? Are we just being too sensitive?

Keep on the alert for cultural cues that generalize about the qualities of males and females, whether positive or negative. Should women accept or rebel? Why do stereotypes persist? Consider the argument that women and men are “hard wired” to perpetuate sexism.

Here are some articles to read and then join our discussion. Have you even encountered benevolent sexism? How did you react? Is it less prevalent than it use to be?

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