Quick Facts

Quick Facts – October 2021

AAUW Washington Online Branch


Elected Officers and Executive Committee, 2-year terms (begin July 1), elected in even years:

  1. Co-President                                               Dorothy McBride and Carolyn Hayek
  2. Vice President/Secretary                                                                   Ellen Imsland
  3. Vice President/Treasurer                                                                   Florence Vining

Officers Appointed by the Executive Committee:

  1. Communications Chair             Mary Letterman
  2. Advocacy/Public Policy Chair Connie Dunkelberger
  3. Program                                     Kelvie Comer

Other:  Tech Trek Committee

The Board of Directors consists of 6 members – the elected and appointed officers.


Board meets in person or electronically at least 4 times per year.  Approves budget, sets dues, fills vacancies in VP positions for partial term.

Quorum:  Majority (4)

Executive Committee:  Acts on behalf of the branch between board meetings.  Appoints appointed officers, ratifies committee chair appointments of president.

Quorum:  Majority (2)

Membership:  Two meetings per year in person or electronically.  Annual meeting between Jan 1 and May 1.  Vote for elected officers in even years.  Two-thirds vote required to approve non-mandatory bylaws changes.

Quorum:  20% of membership (would be 4 if we have a membership of 16-20)


Tax Identification Number (EIN):  36-4626575

Checking Account at Columbia Bank

Branch ID from Association:  WA9067-Washington Online Branch (approved Feb. 2008)

Website: wa-online@aauw.net

Member page password WA9067

Facebook Page:  AAUW Washington Online Branch – NOT restricted to paid members -113 likes.


The AAUW dues year runs July 1st to June 30th and includes National ($62), State ($10) and Branch ($20) for a total of $92 for the year (2021-22) .  In April, The Treasurer will send a dues invoice for dues renewal from memberinfo@aauw.org  Just click on the link in the invoice to pay dues via a SECURE site using a debit or credit card (NO need to log in). OR, make a check out to AAUW WA Online Branch for $92 and send it to Florence Vining at the address listed on the invoice. For those whose primary membership is with another branch, dues for this branch are $20.  Student Affiliates pay $2 for branch affiliation, plus fees for state and national.  Student “E-Affiliates” are not required to pay state or national dues as long as they are undergraduates at a partner institution.