Welcome to the Washington Online Branch of AAUW!

The purpose of AAUW WA Online branch is create a network to connect members and friends to the goals and programs of AAUW.   We support gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy.



 Are you interested in supporting equity for women and girls? Are you currently an AAUW  member? Join AAUW WA Online

The Washington Online Branch is an affiliate member of AAUW–our tenacious and trailblazing parent organization that has been advocating for women and girls since 1881!  In 2018 AAUW renewed that commitment with a bold strategic plan updated in 2021 to focus on STEM and diversity in celebration of 140 years of AAUW.  This plan guides not only AAUW but all its branches—like WA Online—as we put together programs, plan activities, and advocate for public policy.

Our MISSION: To advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy.

Our VISION:  Equity for all

Our VALUES: Nonpartisan; Fact-based; Integrity; Inclusion and Intersectionality

LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: AAUW Washington State Online Branch wishes to acknowledge that our branch spans the ancestral lands and traditional waters of many indigenous peoples.  We honor their indigenous cultures, histories, identities and current realities.

2023-2024 Officers List

  • President: Kelvie Comer
  • Secretary: Mardy Stevens
  • Finance: Florence Vining
  • Program: Melissa Johnsen
  • Public Policy: Dorothy McBride
  • Fundraising: Ellen Imsland
  • DEI:  Yvonne Berliner
  • Tech Trek: Judith Prince
  • Communications:  Mary Letterman

Do you want more information? Please contact us at waonlinebranch@gmail.com.


AAUW’s Five-Star National Recognition Program rewards affiliates (states, branches and other organizations) for aligning their work with the AAUW strategic plan and other initiatives that foster the organization’s mission of advancing gender equity for women and girls.

WA Online earned stars for:

1. Programming that promotes strategic plan goals of equity, economic security, leadership.

2. Advancement through financial donations for greatest needs of AAUW

3. Communications that has economic security focus and publicizes Work Smart Online

4. Public Policy and Research by direct advocacy with a U. S. Representative or State Representatives

5. Governance and Sustainability through a succession plan

 Strategic Areas of Focus AAUW:

1.  Education and Training: Addressing the barriers and implicit biases that hinder advancement of women by promoting equal access at all levels of education and, through Title IX, ensuring that every level of education is free from sex discrimination.

2. Economic Security: Ensuring livelihoods for women through real pay equity, inclusive career pathways, and adequate retirement security and quality of life.

3. Leadership: Closing the gender gap in leadership opportunities by empowering women throughout their lives and advancing women to leadership positions especially in education and nonprofit organizations.

4. Governance and Sustainability:  Ensuring the strength, relevance, and viability of AAUW well into the future by following best practices in governance and inclusion and enhancing financial sustainability through fundraising and expansion to new audiences and populations.

These Strategies and Goals inspire us as we plan for branch programs, projects, and advocacy.    Let’s think about pay equity.  The Plan’s goal is to achieve pay equity by 2030. That is certainly ambitious.  But achievable by extending skills in salary negotiation to more women and their employers. That’s where Work Smart comes in.  AAUW aims to train 10 million women in negotiation by 2022.  Work Smart is a free online course open to anyone and it takes less than 2 hours to complete. The course teaches how to find the target salary you deserve, given your education, skills, and experience, and how to gain the confidence and the right words to negotiate for better salary and benefits.

AAUW’s Equity Network can be found here.

More About AAUW

AAUW’s Mission
To advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy.

AAUW’s Vision
Equity for all

AAUW’s Values
Nonpartisan; Fact-based; Integrity; Inclusion and Intersectionality

Empowerment Video

Brochure for AAUW Online full color


Brochure for AAUW Online full color